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Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure, also named Lemmings - Puzzle Adventure and previously Lemmings: The Official Game, is a free-to-play Lemmings game for mobile devices. It was released worldwide on December 20th, 2018.[1]


Asteroids have annihilated most of the universe. From a single world spared from extinction, Lemmings need to voyage through the vast universe - building, terraforming, decorating, and settling asteroids and planets for Lemming-kind.


The game is similar to classic Lemmings games and is presented as a 2D side-view puzzle strategy game with the main goal of guiding the ever marching Lemmings towards Exit portals. However, to accommodate the smaller screens of mobile devices and the lack of game controllers, the game has been made tile-based.

Every level is setup against a 14 tile high by 8 tile wide grid littered with various traps and obstacles and sometimes multiple entrances and exits. Instructions are assigned to tiles and are activated once reached by a Lemming, allowing them to temporarily use the skills needed to create an escape path. Assigning an instruction depletes from the total energy count that persists throughout the game. Energy regenerates at a rate of 1 energy every 4 minutes and generation is capped at 60 energy (or at 120 energy with an active VIP Pass).

Various rewards, including collectible Lemmings tribes and characters, are also earned by perfecting levels (i.e. saving all Lemmings in a level), winning tournaments, playing enough levels to gain daily rewards from the Reward Rocket, completing seasonal challenges, by accumulating XP, or from the spins awarded by the game.


Main article: Boosters

Boosters give players advantages while playing a level or increases rewards upon completion of a level.

XP System[]

Main article: XP System

Gain XP by completing levels and collecting tribe-lemming characters. Accumulate enough XP to level up and unlock additional rewards and extra instructions.

Reward Rocket[]

Main article: Reward Rocket

The Reward Rocket gives players a daily set of rewards in exchange for completing a set amount of levels.


Main article: Tournament

The tournament is unlocked upon reaching XP level 5 and allows qualified players to compete in ranking against others by way of contests. Player rankings are determined solely by comparing how many Lemmings each participant has saved during the contest, after which players are accordingly rewarded with gold, tickets, boosters and other items, and the chance to climb higher in the tournament and earn bigger rewards.

The tournament is bracketed into two (2) leagues, the Fun League and the Tricky League, with each league having five (5) tiers to climb. Contests under each tier follow a different duration and offer different rewards.


Main article: Tribes

Players can be rewarded with eggs which randomly unlocks a tribe-Lemming character; each featuring a unique costume with some characters walking at a different speed than the rest.

Every month brings with it a new season and 8 new tribes or a total of 32 new tribe-Lemming characters. Collected characters from the ongoing season will automatically appear in the levels being played.

Tribe Seasons
01 13 25
02 14 26
03 15 27
04 16 28
05 17 29
06 18 30
07 19 31
08 20 32
09 21 33
10 22 34
11 23 35
12 24 36


Tickets are rare in-game commodities which unlock Challenge and Mayhem levels and are either:

  • won from prize spins
  • won in tournaments
  • bought with real-world currency

Non-VIP players can only store up to 5 tickets while this capacity can be increased by VIP players by progressing through their XP rewards.

The 5 ticket capacity might also become an issue for beginner players (regardless of VIP status) who might not have collected enough Tribe-Lemming characters to use tickets on and who end up discarding all the extra tickets they collect.

On the other hand, higher ticket capacities for VIP-players conveniently help paying players to possibly have more tickets readily available to them at the start of every new season (i.e. whenever new Tribes are released).

Season Challenges and Rewards[]

Challenge levels are associated with a tribe-Lemming character from the ongoing season and can only be completed by saving all Lemmings in the level. They are played with no energy restrictions and the resulting prize spin generally rewards players with more valuable prizes. Every 4 Challenge levels completed also unlocks additional season rewards as follows:

Number of Challenge Levels Completed Rewards
x4 Vintage Egg x1 Free Digging UnlimitedDig x1 Free Stairs UnlimitedStairs x1 Free Blockers UnlimitedBlock x1 Resurrect Resurrect x1
x8 500 Gold Gold
x12 Free Digging UnlimitedDig x2 Free Stairs UnlimitedStairs x2 Trap Disable TrapDisable x2 Insurance Policy InsurancePolicy x2
x16 1000 Gold Gold
x20 30 Energy Energy Double Lemmings 2xLemmings x1 Trap Disable TrapDisable x1 Resurrect Resurrect x1
x24 1500 Gold Gold
x28 Free Digging UnlimitedDig x5 Free Stairs UnlimitedStairs x5 Free Blockers UnlimitedBlock x5 Resurrect Resurrect x1
x32 3000 Gold Gold

Note that Lemmings saved in Challenge levels do not count towards planet progress or tournament standings. It should also be noted that in-game promotions and holiday events may impact the rewards awarded to players with additional rewards being awarded by the game after finally completing the season.

Mayhem Levels[]

Mayhem levels are associated with previous season tribe-Lemming characters and present the game's Challenge levels under trickier or more challenging restrictions:

  • Energy Saving
  • Time Attack
  • Time Frenzy
  • Quick Play
  • Portal Madness

Monetization Mechanics[]

The game includes gameplay mechanics which can only be accessed by paying with real-world currency.

In-game Store[]

The store presents players with various in-app purchases and resources which can be purchased via real-life currency or via in-game gold.

The following resources are available for purchase in exchange for in-game gold:

  • Full energy refill for 900 gold
  • Lights On for 600 gold (available from version 6.8)
  • 2x Lemmings for 350 gold
  • Trap Disable for 200 gold
  • Insurance for 100 gold
  • Uncommon egg for 100 gold
  • Rare egg for 200 gold
  • Epic egg for 600 gold
  • Legendary egg for 1800 gold
  • A random tribe member from the previous season for 500 gold (available from version 3.0)
  • A random tribe from any of the previous seasons for 1000 gold (available from version 3.0)


The game presents players with the choice to watch advertisements in exchange for additional rewards with all ads being completely optional.

As of version 6.8, the following can be claimed in exchanged for watching ads:

  • An extra reward spin Spin after completing a level
  • 500 gold Gold. This offer can be claimed every after 4 hours from the store.
  • A Daily Spin Spin reward
  • Either 10 bonus energy Energy, 35 Lemmings (instantly added to the current mission quota), or a tribal egg in exchange for watching an ad. This is offered via various pop-ups from the main worlds screen.
  • Resetting the Tribe or Tribe-Lemming offered in the store
  • Reopening the same egg after getting a duplicate Tribe-Lemming character

VIP Membership[]

Main article: VIP Pass

The VIP membership was introduced in version 3.3. The paid membership increases the energy capacity from 60 to 120 units and gives twice the rate of energy generation, a free Resurrect every day, the ability to claim ad-related rewards without watching ads, and exclusive XP-progression rewards which include VIP instructions and increased ticket capacity.

As of version 6.8, VIP members were allowed to choose their Favourite Lemmings. As of version 7.13, non-VIP players were also able to select up to 4 free Favourite Lemmings but only VIP members were able to expand their Favourite Lemmings list by levelling up. As of version 7.21, VIP members were given early access to the creatorverse and are given the freedom to upload custom levels every 20 minutes without paying a fee.

Piggy Bank[]

The Piggy Bank automatically converts duplicate tribe-Lemming characters into gold. It can only be opened, and the gold claimed, after the Piggy Bank contains a certain amount of gold.


Initially, the Piggy Bank becomes full at 500 gold and can be opened for free with its capacity gradually increasing every time it is opened until it reaches the final allowable capacity of containing 21,000 gold. All offers to open and upgrade the Piggy Bank after the initial free upgrade costs real-world currency.

Tier data as of version 7.1:
Tier Maximum Capacity Minimum Gold Content to Claim Price to Open and Upgrade to Next Tier (USD, approx)
1 500 500 Free
2 6,000 2,000 2.00
3 8,250 5,500 5.00
4 Unknown 12,000 Unknown
Stub [This section is incomplete and there may be more tiers in between the 6,000 and 21,000 Piggy Bank capacity.]
? 21,000 ? 10.00

Conversion Rate

The amount of gold a tribe-Lemming character is converted to depends on the current capacity of the Piggy Bank and the rarity of the duplicate character being converted i.e. the Lemming-to-gold conversion rate improves as the gold capacity increases. This alleviates any difficulty in trying to later fill the Piggy Bank at higher gold capacities.

In terms of tribe-Lemming character rarity:

  • Uncommon duplicates convert for the least amount of gold (1x or base rate)
  • Rare duplicates convert for approximately 2x the base
  • Epic duplicates convert for approximately 4x the base
  • Legendary duplicates convert for approximately 8x the base


  • This is the only Lemmings game in which the critters appear with no limbs and floating hands and feet.

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