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Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure
Developer Sad Puppy Limited
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date December 20th, 2018
Platform(s) Android
Genre Puzzle

Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure, also named Lemmings - Puzzle Adventure and previously Lemmings: The Official Game, is a Lemmings game for mobile devices. It is free to download and play, though it has optional ads and in-app purchases.


The main goal of the game is to claim planets by saving lemmings. The planets have rescue quotas to be claimed, and many have sub-goals that must be reached before that.

The game is tile-based, and commands can be set up in advance. However, each action aside from the bomber or making a blocker walk again requires one unit of energy, which has a maximum of 60. Energy is regained at a rate of one per four minutes.

Completing a level with all lemmings earns a spin for a prize, including tribal eggs, boosters, and energy. The player can get one extra respin for an additional prize by watching an ad. If a level is completed with losses, an ad can be watched to get a single prize spin.


The VIP membership was introduced in version 3.3. As the paid membership, it gives more maximum energy, free resurrections, and the ability to receive rewards without watching ads.


After reaching a certain world, players can enter tournaments. These are fixed length competitions with groups of 10 players to see who can save the most lemmings. This is divided into leagues, with each league having five tiers. At the end of the tournament, prizes are given based on standings, with the highest ranking players promoted to the next tier, and lowest ranking demoted to the previous one. Those promoted at the 5th tier will advance to the next league, at which point they cannot be demoted to a lower league. Extra lemmings gained from booster use and prize spins will not count towards tournament standings.

Challenge Levels[]

These levels can only be accessed by tickets won as prizes. Each one is associated with a tribe member (see below) of the current season. Every challenge level requires all lemmings to be saved but has no energy requirement for actions. Upon successful completion, the player is given a single prize spin (no respin option) with generally more valuable prizes than those from standard levels. Lemmings saved in challenge levels do not count towards planet progress or tournament standings.

Certain tribes of earlier seasons also have Mayhem Levels associated with them. These are challenge levels that have different conditions than those of the current season. They also require challenge tickets to play.


In this game, the tribes are collectibles. Collected tribe members of the current season will appear in levels played and also give access to challenge levels, while some of those from previous seasons give access to mayhem levels (see above). They come from eggs gained as spin prizes or bought using gold. The eggs have four grades: uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Occasionally a higher ranking lemming can hatch from a lower grade egg. If the egg gives a duplicate, it can be reopened after watching an ad. Non-duplicate eggs can be bought for real money. As of patch 3.0, tribe members of previous seasons can also be bought for gold. As of patch 3.3, the piggy bank was introduced to convert duplicates into gold.

Tribe Seasons
01 13 25
02 14 26
03 15 27
04 16 28
05 17 29
06 18 30
07 19 31
08 20 32
09 21 33
10 22 34
11 23 35
12 24 36


  • This is the only Lemmings game in which the critters appear with no limbs and floating hands and feet.

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