Lemmings: The Official Companion
Developer DMA Design
Publisher Prima Publishing
Release Date June 13th 1993
Platform(s) DOS

Lemmings: The Official Companion is a guide book detailing the solutions to all 120 levels in the game Lemmings, along with solutions to the demo levels that come on a disk included with the book.

The disk contains 16 exclusive levels, split over four difficulties.



  1. Digger Conversions
  2. For Every Lemming, Turn, Turn...
  3. Alternate Route
  4. Bridge Delay!


  1. The Prima Publishing Level
  2. Lemming Excavation
  3. Lets Go Sledding!!
  4. The Pipeline


  1. Wild World of Lemmings!
  2. Winter Lemmingland
  3. Oh No! Squish.
  4. Watch Your Step!


  1. Dolly Dimple?
  2. Which Way Do We Go?
  3. Old MacDonald Had a Farm...
  4. Congratulations!
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