Difficulty Wild
Level # 3
No. of Lemmings 80
To be Saved 81% (65 Lemmings)
Release Rate 1
Time 3 Minutes
Level Chronology
Previous Lemming Hotel
Next Meeting Adjourned

Lemming Rhythms is the third level of Wild, featured in Oh No! More Lemmings.


The first lemming should build when he's at the edge of the starting brick structure while the second and third lemmings are turned into Blockers on opposite sides of the entrance. Once he's standing over the first platform (before he reaches the chain), have the Builder's ramp interrupted by turning him into a Basher and then into a Floater so he survives the fall.

Have your Trailblazer build from the middle of the platform with one Builder skill. His ramp should connect with the second platform, but because it is higher than he can walk up onto, he should turn around to the left so have him build to seal the gap between the brick structure and the platform. Have him build again at the top of the ramp leading up to the second platform so that it is now high enough for him to walk up onto. Build to the third platform with one Builder skill starting just a little passed the middle of the second platform, and repeat to reach the fourth platform, and then the steel structure.

Raise the release to 99 and have a lemming held behind and heading right dig roughly eight layers of bricks down to reduce the fall distance, then have him bash to release the other lemmings. Have the Trailblazer use one more Builder skill to get over the pit before the exit. Once the other lemmings make it to the exit, nuke the Blockers.

100% strategyEdit

Method 1Edit

Youtuber A Tactician from the Plains has demonstrated that it is possible to save all lemmings on this level.

Turn the first lemming into a Digger once he's at the edge of the starting brick structure, and the second lemming into a Digger so that there is still one pixel of terrain between both tunnels. Once the second Digger is halfway through the sixth layer of bricks, turn it into a Builder to interrupt his work before any other lemmings falling in die from the height. When the first lemming has finished digging through the eleventh brick layer, have it build straight to the second platform by stretching out two Builder skills.

After your Trailblazer has landed on the second platform, have it build to the other platforms and to the exit using one Builder skill for each gap. Once there is a path to the exit, have one lemming held behind bash through the right side of the second Digger's tunnel to free them all, and raise the release rate to 99.

Method 2Edit

Youtuber MaxGlinski has used an alternative method to save all lemmings on the Windows-95 port. The first lemming should build up to the chains while the second lemming is also turned into a builder to stall him. The third lemming however can be turned into a Floater to safely land on the first platform below and immediately build to the second upon landing using two Builder skills. Have it build to each platform and over the pit before the exit using one Builder skill.

Meanwhile, all other lemmings will find themselves trapped in the first arc of the chains. Have the first lemming to come up to the chain above the first hook bash through it to access the second arc. Another lemming must bash through the top of the second hook's chain, then dig through the chain to drop into the third arc. Raise the release rate to 99.

Despite all this tunneling, all lemmings will eventually turn back to the left and end up caught in a small space located above the first chain. The last lemming to enter the level should dig through the chain before that small space, which will allow him to pass under it, turn back right and fall through the chain through a small hole created by the first Basher. By this point, the Floater should be building the last ramp before the exit, so use one more Basher skill to release the other lemmings while the last lemming, now ahead of the others, digs through the third arc just after the middle. All lemmings should safely fall down and reach the exit.

Access CodesEdit

  • DOS:
  • Macintosh: LPUDMCELCM
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