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Tribe Polar Tribe
Level # 1
No. of Lemmings 60 (Amiga/DOS)
50 (Genesis)
40 (SNES)
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 5:00
Skills Available 1 Flame Thrower
4 Bazookas
4 Mortars
2 Glue Pourers
2 Runners
Level Chronology
Next Ice Ice Lemy

Lem Me Out ! [sic] is the first level of the Polar Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.


Use two bazookas to get out of the starting area, then two mortars to break through the dividing wall. The first lemming to get through should be made a runner and pour glue at the point of the snow hill. Use the Flame Thrower to open the way to the exit, then the second glue pourer to get over the metal block.

SNES strategy[]

Use two Bazookas to clear the wall to the left of the entrance, then send a Rock Climber over the steel wall. Make him use a Flame Thrower at the thinnest point of the snow wall. Then use a Glue Pourer to create a bridge to the exit. Have one of the lemmings held back build over the steel wall so they can follow.

Version differences[]

  • 2 Builders and 6 Rock Climbers are also available.
  • The left wall of the pit the lemmings start in is entirely made of snow.
  • There is an extra steel block between both chambers, turning the steel floor into a wall.
  • The wall before the exit has been removed.


  • This level's title is a pun on the phrase "let me out".