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A Launcher is a general term for a device that first appeared in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. They fire or fling lemmings a considerable distance away, one at a time. In Lemmings 2 they mostly appear as cannons on chains, whose positions can be changed with the arrows at the ends. In the Medieval Tribe and Lemmings Paintball, they take the form of old-fashioned catapults. In the Cavelems Tribe, ceratopsian-like dinosaurs act as launchers by flinging lemmings with their tails. Unlike other launchers in the game, they cannot be moved by the player. They also reappear in 3D Lemmings as springs.


Launchers appear in the following levels.

Lemmings 2: The Tribes[]

Cavelems Tribe levels[]

Circus Tribe levels[]

Highland Tribe levels[]

Medieval Tribe levels[]

Shadow Tribe levels[]

3D Lemmings[]

Lemmings Paintball[]

  • Fun level Fly the flag


  • In the PC-DOS demo, launchers had to be activated by lemmings with the User skill.