Lemmings Wiki

Difficulty Tricky
Level # 9
No. of Lemmings 40
To be Saved 75% (30 Lemmings)
Release Rate 50
Time 10 Minutes
Level Chronology
Previous All around the watchtower
Next Tooten Lemming

Land Ahoy is the 9th level of the Tricky difficulty and the 29th level overall in 3D Lemmings.



When the first lemming bounces off the island and lands on the ship, switch to his POV. When he drops into the cargo hold, make him a Turner to send the lemmings to the right. The second lemming should bounce off the corner and head towards the back, where another corner will bring him towards a wall with arrows pointing right. Make the second lemming a Turner to send the lemmings to the right, then make the third lemming a Turner to send the lemmings up the stairs.

After hitting another corner, your lemmings will come upon a wall of wooden crates which must be bashed through. This will reveal a ramp that will bring your lemmings atop the other crates. Turn the lead lemming into a Turner once he has walked over two crates to send lemmings to the left. Have the next lemming bash through the next wall of crates. Some lemmings will turn around and fall into the ocean while the Basher is working, this is inevitable. Once your Basher breaks through and lands on a protrusion of the ship, have it build over the quicksand on the island below. Again, at least one lemming will drown while the path to the exit is being completed. Nuke the Turners when there are no more lemmings wandering about.

Access codes[]

  • PC / Playstation: LALLYGAG
  • Sega Saturn: SPITULUM