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Tribe Circus Tribe
Level # 1
No. of Lemmings 60 (Amiga/DOS)
50 (Genesis)
40 (SNES)
08 (Game Boy)
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9:00
Skills Available 10 Jumpers
02 Laser Blasters
01 Glue Pourer
01 Climber
Level Chronology
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LIGHTLINES.... is the first level of the Circus Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Have the first lemming jump or climb out of the starting pen and move the cannon all the way right. After that lemming turns back to the left and falls, have it jump over the gap and become a Climber if it wasn't already. Use a Laser Blaster on the middle step to free the other lemmings and have a lemming facing right and off the stand use the Glue Pourer (or the Magic Bridge if playing a handheld port) skill to complete the path to the exit.

Version differences[]

Game Boy
  • Available Laser Blaster skills reduced to 1.
  • Glue Pourer skill replaced with 1 Magic Bridge.
  • The cannon cannot be moved.
  • The cannon cannot be moved.
  • The Trampoline section is smaller.