Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Polar Tribe
Level # 9
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 6:00
Skills Available 02 Superlems
02 Miners
01 Runner
01 Jumper
01 Roper
04 Archers
02 Skiers
06 Builders
Level Chronology
Previous Snowed In !
Next Stay Frosty

Its all up hill ! is the ninth level of the Polar Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Turn the first lemming into a Runner right away and make it build left to the floating island. While he's building, turn the second lemming into a Superlem while he's facing left and make him crash into the top of that floating island, from which he has to build over the next gap. The third lemming may catch up to him before the ramp is complete so have him jump over the gap.

Use a Roper to reach the slope with the penguin to the right of the cannon, then use two Builders to reach the large snow wall. Assign the other Superlem skill to a lemming head left and make him fly above the wall and have him crash to the left of the exit. The moment he turns right, make him a Miner to allow the other lemmings to walk up. Use one more Builder skill to escape the Miner's tunnel and reach the exit.

SNES strategy[]

Build once to the floating island then to the slope leading to the cannon. Have a lemming fire a rope so the long thin platform once at the top of the slope. The first lemming to turn left must then build, then pour glue to reach the large obstacle of snow and steel. Send a Rock Climber up the obstacle and have him jump over the exit. When he turns back right and is between both hills, make him mine to begin a tunnel for the other lemmings. Once he is lower than the above steel blocks, use the two Flame Thrower skills to complete the tunnel. Have one lemming then build over the top of the tunnel to reach the exit.

Version differences[]

  • The Superlem, Archer and Skier skills are replaced with 2 Rock Climbers, 4 Glue Pourers and 2 Flame Throwers respectively.
  • Number of Jumper skills increased to two.
  • There is no chasm to the left of the entrance.
  • The cannon is immobile.
  • There is snow covering the larger steel blocks.
  • There is no pit to the right of the exit.