Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Sports Tribe
Level # 02
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 7:00
Skills Available 01 Jumper
02 Platformers
01 Fencer
02 Stompers
Level Chronology
Previous Quad Quirks on the Quay!
Next The Barley Mow....

Islands in the Sky is the second level of the Beach Tribe in the Game Boy/Game Gear version of Lemmings 2: The Tribes. For the 2-player level from the original Lemmings game, see Islands in the Sky.

Gold medal strategy[]

Make the second lemming stomp when he's between both beach houses (he will stop when he hits steel) while the first lemming drops down and platforms over the gap. Let your Trailblazer turn around and drop down one floor, then use the other Platformer skill to reach the exit. Once there is a safe path to the exit, free the other lemmings by having one of them fence to the right.

Access code[]