Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Highland Tribe
Level # 7
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 5:00
Skills Available 10 Platformers
10 Stackers
10 Jumpers
Level Chronology
Previous Brigadoom!
Next The White Heather Club
TAKE A RUNNING JUMP !! (Game Boy/Game Gear)

In memory of McAngus is the seventh level of the Highland Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Move the first cannon so that it is aligned with the right side of the entrance. The first lemming will be shot over the chasm and land on the protruding rock platform about the bottle of scotch. Let him drop down to the platform below and assign it a Platformer skill so that he quickly seals up the gap.

Scroll to the area with the second entrance and nudge the third cannon a little to the right so that lemmings launched by it will bounce off the steel wall and safely land on the Trampoline located next to the exit. Some lemmings will be launched by the second cannon which must be moved all the way to the right. The first lemming to be launched by it will land on the floating steel block, so let him drop onto the steel block below and after he took a couple of steps, give it a Stacker skill. Once the wall is tall enough to turn lemmings around and your Stacker is facing left, make him jump. All lemmings should make it to the exit with about 1 minute and 30 seconds to spare.

Game Boy/Game Gear strategy[]

Have the first lemming from the right entrance build once to get over the wall standing before the cannon. When he's finished build and walks over the wall, he will enter the cannon but the lemming directly behind him will not, so give it a Platformer skill at the edge of the platform so he can reach the steel wall. Meanwhile, the second lemming will approach the left edge of the platform, so give him a Platformer skill so that he seals the gap. Once it's safe to do so, give Jumper skills to each lemming from the left entrance so they can reach their cannon. All lemmings will then find their way to the exit.

SNES strategy[]

Make the first lemming from the right entrance jump off the left edge of the starting platform. When he recovers from his fall, give him a Platformer skill so he can close the gap under the bottle. Then have one of the lemming from each entrance clear the small floating wall blocking their cannon using a Laser Blaster. The first lemming to make it to the platform where the exit is must be made a Platformer to reach the elongated breakable wall and stop the other lemmings from falling into the abyss below. Any lemmings behind him must also be made Platformers to slow them down until the path is safe.

Version differences[]

Game Boy/Game Gear
  • Renamed to "In memory of Angus".
  • Time limit increased to 6 minutes.
  • Number of Platformer and Jumper skills reduced to 2 and 4.
  • The Stackers were replaced with 2 Builders.
  • The cannon near the left entrance is now mounted on a ledge.
  • There is only one cannon for the right entrance and it is located to the right of a small wall.
  • All cannons are immobile.
  • The Trampoline by the exit is a little higher above ground.
  • There are also 20 Laser Blasters and 10 Club Bashers available.
  • Two short floating walls has been added near the cannons.
  • There are only two cannons and they cannot be moved.
  • There is no Trampoline and additional steel blocks have been added to make the descent to the exit safer.

Access code[]

  • Game Boy/Game Gear: SCBZQBJM


  • In the Game Boy/Game Gear port, this is the eighth Highland tribe level.