Tribe Polar Tribe
Level # 2
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 5 Minutes
Skills Available 10 Skaters
3 Fencers
2 Flame Throwers
5 Throwers
1 Laser Blaster
5 Runners
2 Stackers
4 Jumpers
Level Chronology
Previous Lem Me Out!
Next Snow More Lems

Ice Ice Lemy is the second level of the Polar Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.


Make a stacker on the slope. Make all lemmings that end up to the right of the wall skaters. Use fencers and flame throwers to get through the obstacles and turn lemmings around on the hill going out of bounds. Use the laser blaster to the left of the small ramp, making the way for the rest of the lemmings.

Trivia Edit

The name of this level is a reference to the song Ice Ice Baby by the rapper Vanilla Ice.

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