Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Egyptian Tribe
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9 Minutes
Skills Available 20 Jumpers
04 Fencers
04 Stompers
05 Pole Vaulters
10 Attractors
02 Platformers
01 Scooper
02 Ballooners
Level Chronology
Previous The Egypt Cottage!
Next Wave Pathway

HEROE'Z QUEST.... is the eighth level of the Egyptian Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Have the first lemming jump over the block on the left and make it stomp through the ground, while a lemming held back stomps between both steel blocks. To release your Trailblazer from the chamber he got himself in, make him stomp again. Let him navigate down then make him jump out of the three small pits he encounters. Use a Platformer skill to get over the Egyptian Tomb Trap.

When he gets stuck in the larger pit below, have your Trailblazer stomp to reach ground level, then make him fence through the wall and three pillars. Wait for him to turn to the left and assign him a Ballooner skill and use the Fan to steer him to the platform above. Use Jumper skills to help him reach the higher platforms. When he has reached the platform with the eye hieroglyph and has turned right, assign him a Pole Vaulter skill when he's standing above said hieroglyph s that he can reach the stairs above.

Use three more Jumper skills to help the Trailblazer climb further up. Once he has dropped down to the platform where the exit is located, assign him a Platformer skill to seal off the gap in the floor, then use the available Scooper skill to free the other lemmings, who will all march into the exit.