Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Shadow Tribe
Level # 8
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9:00
Skills Available 05 Bazookas
05 Fillers
03 Platformers
05 Runners
06 Bashers
40 Ballooners
01 Fencer
01 Attractor
Level Chronology
Previous Fritbatter Frolics!

Goossen's Inferno! is the eighth level of the Shadow Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Use two Bazookas to clear a path through the pillar, then make the lead lemming a Runner. While your Trailblazer is given one Platformer skill to get over the gap, hold the other lemmings back by making one lemming an Attractor. Once across, make your Runner fence through the building, then fill up the small pit with a Filler. Bash through the tree then release the Attractor by giving him a Bazooka.

Stop your lemmings from getting to the two Exclamation Marked Thumper Traps by sealing off the passage with another Platformer skill. When your Trailblazer turns left, make him bash through the wall, then bash through the next three walls after he drops to ground level. Fill up the small pit with a Filler skill, then create a path to the two cannons using the last Platformer skill. Move the left cannon to the far right so that they can both launch lemmings to the exit correctly. To speed up the process. Give balloons to your lemmings while they're walking right and use the Fan to guide them.

Game Boy/Game Gear strategy[]

Make the second lemming an Attractor as soon as he lands. Give a balloon to your Trailblazer and use the Fan to guide him to the left of the pit below. Seal off the pit with one Platformer skill then fence through the slope to the left. When he turns right and is about to re-enter his tunnel, give him another Platformer and then use a Pyramider to connect his platform to the slope leading to the exit. Now assign Balloons to your other lemmings one at the time (give one to the Attractor last) and use the fan to guide them to ground level.

Version differences[]

Game Boy/Game Gear
  • Renamed to "Goosen's Inferno".
  • The Filler skill has been replaced with 5 Pyramiders.
  • There is no pillar to the right of the entrance.
  • There are no traps or cannons.
  • The cannons are immobile.
  • The ledge over the fire hydrant is missing.

Access code[]

  • Game Boy/Game Gear: MGB1AHAZ