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Explosive Block LC

An explosive block is a multi-triggered trap encountered in Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure.

Lemmings Creatorverse official explanation: Don't Dig this block... or KABOOM

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Explosive blocks are destructible blocks booby trapped to explode when destroyed. The resulting explosion kills all Lemmings, destroys all destructible blocks and structures (stairs and bridges), and detonates all other explosive agents (other explosive blocks, dynamite and/or land mines) found in adjacent tiles.

  • Explosive blocks produce a 3x3 tile blast area around the trap
  • Explosive blocks can be detonated by other traps such as extended saw traps, falling piercing rocks, piercing laser beams, and other explosive blocks
  • Explosions sometimes send nearby floaters to fly horizontally across the screen
  • Lemmings sometimes survive the explosion from the very edge of the 3x3 tile blast area

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