The Exit Portal is the end goal of all the lemmings in all of the levels. Levels can have multiple exits (up to 4), and sometimes they are hidden behind terrain.

Types of Exit PortalsEdit

Exit Portals come in all shapes and sizes spanning across all "Lemmings" games based on level theme. In a 2 player game, each player's exit will accept both players' lemmings, with the objective being to get more into your own. The Blizzard level Check Your Hints! has false exits that are essentially decorations. Lemmings: The Official Game has some variations on the functionality of exit portals. In that game, there are locked exits that require often randomized "?" tiles to be dug, and exits that can only allow a limited number of lemmings. Some later levels split the lemmings into teams that can each only go into a particular exit.

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