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Evil Ed (イーブルエド Īburu Edo) is the main antagonist of The Adventures of Lomax. He is an evil sorcerer who cursed the lemmings of Lemmingland with his dark magic and turned them into his minions, allowing him to take over. During most of the game, he does not do much other than stand around and smoke a cigarette on his small platform. Nevertheless, he serves as the game's final boss, and is fought at the end of the space world.


Evil Ed starts the battle by standing idly on a hovering rock platform that moves from left to right in the background. Using the boulders that roll in from both sides of the screen, Lomax must spin into the boulders to send them back at Ed. After three hits, the rock platform holding Ed breaks, causing him to fall and magically transform into a huge, grotesque monster. Now armed with a pair of lemming hand-puppets, the monstrous Ed throws boulders and bombs at Lomax; the boulders once again must be spun into Ed, and the bombs (which count down from five before exploding) are to be avoided, as they will hurt Lomax. After five hits (the player can tell how many are left by the number of jets of steam erupting from Ed's face), Ed falls once again, only to pull himself up and begin the final phase of his fight. Like the last phase, Lomax must spin five more boulders into Ed, who now rams himself against the arena and causes boulders and bombs to roll from both sides of the screen at a much quicker rate. After another five hits, the wizard is finally and truly defeated as he sinks into his pit.