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A closed entrance portal.

An Entrance Portal (or simply entrance) is the start point of all the lemmings in all of the levels. Typically, the trapdoors opens when the level begins and lemmings start to drop out of it one by one. Levels can have multiple entrances (up to 4), and lemmings will come out of all of them alternatively. The Release rate determines at what speed lemmings will come out of the entrance portal. Typically, lemmings will drop to the ground safely when coming out of the entrance portal. However on some levels, such as Steel Works, the entrance is high enough above ground that lemmings will die immediately upon entering.

Types of Entrance Portals[]

Since their introduction in Lemmings, Entrance Portals are usually shaped like trapdoors, with two door flaps opening on opposite ends of a wide square-shaped hole. Players can get a glimpse of the world the lemmings fall out of, which is usually a clear blue sky overlooking a meadow with some trees. In some games, most notably Lemmings Revolution, the entrance is a box where all the lemmings are contained.