Egyptian Tribe Lemmings

The Egyptian Tribe is one twelve Lemming tribes trying to escape The Great Darkness covering Lemming Island in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

The Egyptian Tribe also appears in The Lemmings Chronicles as one of three tribes attempting to populate various islands.


  1. Two's Company
  2. Glued to the Goal
  3. Labyrinth of Fun
  4. Spiraling DNA
  5. Echo of Light
  6. Ruper'z Questling
  7. The Egypt Cottage!
  8. Heroe'z Quest
  9. Wave Pathway
  10. Pyramid of Despair!


"Egyptian Tribe" includes a rendition of James Thornton's "The Streets of Cairo or the Poor Little Country Maid" which makes up the "Egyptian" sounding melody, famous in pop-culture.

Trivia Edit

If the Ancients Tribe from Lemmings: The Official Game is considered the same, then this is the only non-Classic tribe to appear in each game with the concept.

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