Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Cavelems Tribe
Level # 9
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9:00
Skills Available 01 Parachuter
08 Bashers
02 Stompers
05 Platformers
04 Jet Packs
05 Ballooners
01 Hang Glider
02 Laser Blasters
Level Chronology
Previous Wilma!
Next Ah'm No Done Yet

EVOLUTION OF LEMMINGS is the ninth level of the Cavelems Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Give the parachute to the first lemming and give him a Jet Pack, using the Fan to get him over the obstacle on the right. Let him descend to ground level but guide him over the gap near the exit and make sure he's still walking right. Use the two available Laser Blaster skills side by side to create wide a hole through the floor above. Then give your Trailblazer another Jet Pack and guide him through it. Bash through the breakable wall and use a Platformer skill to seal off the shaft.

When your Trailblazer turns left and walks past the steel wall, give him a balloon and use the Fan to guide him to the platform above. When he turns right, give him another Jet Pack and guide him to the ledge before the pool of water. When he reaches the edge, give him the Hang Glider so he can safely cross the water, then bash through the next breakable wall and use another Platformer skill in the shaft. When he turns back left, use another balloon to bring him one more platform higher. When he turns right again, give him one more balloon and guide him to the last breakable wall above, which must also be bashed through and sealed with another Platformer skill.

Release the other lemmings by bashing through the obstacle holding back. The Trailblazer should still have a head start on them so have him stomp through the right side of the platform built at the same level as the water. This will provide all lemming with a safe drop to the exit. Note that you will need to use the fan to guide your Trailblazer towards the exit due to his parachute, but if he ends up walking right, just seal off the gap with another Platformer skill.

SNES strategy[]

Make the first lemming jump over the mushroom then give him the Parachute. Use the Fan to guide him onto the second platform below the water then make him a Platformer when he reaches the edge. Let him drop down two floors and use another Platformer skill in the shaft. Free the other lemmings by bashing through the mushroom. When your Trailblazer's platform is above the right ledge, make him stomp to interrupt him. When he falls, use the Fan to make him collide with the left wall so he changes direction, then guide him to the small platform accessible through a narrow gap. Use another Platformer skill to seal off the shaft a third time and it should now be safe enough for all lemmings to walk into the exit.

Version differences[]

  • One more Platformer skill is available.
  • The Jet Packs have been replaced with four Climber skills.
  • The Hang Glider has been replaced with one Jumper skill.
  • The Laser Blaster skills have been replaced with two Shimmier skills.
  • Parts of the left wall of the shaft has been removed.