Tribe Classic Tribe
Level # 1
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 5 Minutes
Skills Available 20 Climbers
20 Floaters
20 Exploders
20 Blockers
20 Builders
20 Bashers
20 Miners
20 Diggers
Level Chronology
Next Mr Lemmy Lives Next Door

Do You Remember? is the first level of the Classic Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. It has an abundance of skills, allowing many ways of doing the same basic things to complete the level.


Dig/mine/bash a way out of the starting area. Make sure this doesn't create too long a fall. Build out of the pit and up to the central pillar. Send an athlete over the pillar to build to the exit platform. Bash through the pillar so the rest of the lemmings can get to the exit.

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