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Diver is a skill that can be given to a lemming in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. A diver jumps forward slightly and lands stunned on the ground, unless it falls too far (in which case it splats). This may be used to cross very small gaps (or larger ones if there is a drop in elevation), to stop a lemming performing another skill, or simply to slow down a walker's forward progress. A Runner who has been made into a Diver dives at a greater distance.


Divers are key to solving the following levels


  • Divers fall down slightly into the terrain. If the floor is only one pixel thick (such as the bridge of a Glue Pourer), the lemming will fall through. Even if the floor is wider than one pixel, it is possible to make the lemming dive again before it climbs up, and thus it is possible (albeit very difficult) to make a lemming fall through any floor given enough divers.
  • Divers can also fall into walls as they jump forward. This can cause them to get stuck in the wall and crawl up.
  • Contrary to the advice given in The Lemmings Encyclopedia, divers are not capable of swimming unless they are also given the swimmer skill.