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Difficulty levels are a common mechanic in video games. In the Lemmings series, there are usually four Ratings.


These names have become idiosyncratic within the franchise. They are additionally used in 3D Lemmings, Lemmings Paintball, Lemmings Return, which lacks a Mayhem difficulty, and in Lemmings (PS3), which includes a short Trial rank that is playable without buying the whole game.

In the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Lemmings there are two additional difficulties:

The 2006 remake adds the Special level set, which is separate from the original levels.

Oh No! More Lemmings[]

Holiday Lemmings 1993[]

Holiday Lemmings 1994[]

  • Frost
  • Hail
  • Also includes the two difficulties from 1993

Lemmings Touch[]

  • Tutorial
  • Beginner
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard