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The creatorverse is a game mode in Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure which allows players to create and design their own levels and share them with the general playerbase. It was launched with version 7.2 of the game on May 20, 2024 and was only initially accessible for VIP players before being available for all players on June 17, 2024.

Search and Play[]

Screenshot 20240711-143305

Players are given the chance to play a random creatorverse level, search for a level by name or code, or browse through the "new" or "most liked" lists.

Like Count[]

Levels can be liked by the players who complete them and the total number of likes received are displayed with the level.

Difficulty Rating[]

Levels are assigned a perceived difficulty rating on a scale of 1 to 5 stars based on player failure rate when encountering the level.

Level Creator[]

Screenshot 20240711-143902

The level creator allows players to design and upload their own levels, using the basic blocks and traps they unlock through normal gameplay.


  • Creators are free to draft and upload 1 level for free per day with subsequent uploads costing a gold fee
  • All traps are available to be unlocked and used except for upward and downward laser beams
  • Only basic blocks and key blocks are available for use and other obstacles like darkness, portals, mystery blocks, and gold blocks are not accessible
  • Levels with "low" energy ratings do not give off rewards
  • Absence of level controls to customize lemming count and save requirements
  • No singular entrance portals for mixed-type lemmings
  • Lemming count is not distributed between multiple normal exit portals
  • The daily free resurrect given to VIPs are unusable on creatorverse levels


VIP players enjoy the following creatorverse benefits:

  • have all traps unlocked from the beginning
  • are allowed to upload a level for free every 20 minutes


As of v7.23, the following bugs exist:

  1. Some levels appear with a "low" energy rating but still award reward wheels upon completion
  2. Levels are sometimes given a "low" energy rating when solved with the help of a resurrect (possibly because the game animation indicates the level has ended then restarted instead of continuing with a fresh batch of lemmings)
  3. Not uploading a validated level immediately might result in that level's energy rating to drop to "low"
  4. Energy gained while solving a level possibly impacts that level's energy rating
  5. Related to number 4, winning 5 or 10 energy at the prize wheel might impact the level's energy rating
  6. The insurance policy does not refund energy spent validating a level if the player decides to exit via the "retry" or "quit" buttons i.e. for the energy to refund, a lemming must die first
  7. Unused instructions during validation are not refunded upon exiting/retrying the level