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Classic Tribe Lemmings

The Classic Tribe is one of the twelve Lemming tribes trying to escape The Great Darkness covering Lemming Island in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. In this game, they are restricted to the classic eight skills, but the Blocker is to be found nowhere else. They have a mechanical difference from other tribes in that their exploders do not cause knockback, making them the same as in the first game.

The Classic Tribe also appears in The Lemmings Chronicles as one of three tribes attempting to populate various islands. Similarly, the Classic Tribe also has a set of levels in Lemmings Tribes.

Lemmings 2 levels[]

  1. Do You Remember?
  2. Mr Lemmy Lives Next Door
  4. Tension Sheet, Good Idea
  5. The Magnificent Severn
  6. The Starry Threshold
  7. So close but so far away
  8. The Secret Of LEMH [sic]
  9. Flying The Mad Pursuit
  10. What's it like up there?

The Lemmings Chronicles levels[]

  1. Classic Level 1
  2. Classic Level 2
  3. Classic Level 3
  4. Classic Level 4
  5. Classic Level 5
  6. Classic Level 6
  7. Classic Level 7
  8. Classic Level 8
  9. Classic Level 9
  10. Classic Level 10
  11. Classic Level 11
  12. Classic Level 12
  13. Classic Level 13
  14. Classic Level 14
  15. Classic Level 15
  16. Classic Level 16
  17. Classic Level 17
  18. Classic Level 18
  19. Classic Level 19
  20. Classic Level 20
  21. Classic Level 21
  22. Classic Level 22
  23. Classic Level 23
  24. Classic Level 24
  25. Classic Level 25
  26. Classic Level 26
  27. Classic Level 27
  28. Classic Level 28
  29. Classic Level 29
  30. Classic Level 30


The track "Classic Tribe" is a compilation of several tracks from the Original Lemmings. In the Amiga version, it is a mix of the tracks One Way or Another (Lemming 2) and Pachelbel's Canon in D (Lemming 1). In the Acorn Archimedes version, it reuses only the track Can-Can. In the SNES version, it reuses only the track Tim 1. In the FM Towns version, it is an original track.

In every port of The Lemmings Chronicles, there are three tracks:

  • Track 1: a remix of One Way or Another
  • Track 2: a remix of Pachelbel's Canon
  • Track 3: a remix of the tracks Tim 4 and Tim 3

Access code[]

In the Game Boy and Game Gear ports of Lemmings 2: The Tribes, the access code to the completed Classic tribe is LJAWBDAH.


  • This is the only tribe to not have any levels where the Attractor skill is used. It's also the only tribe to use Blockers.