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Cavelems Tribe Lemmings - the name is pluralized on the map but not in the logo.

The Cavelems Tribe (pluralized inconsistently in-game) is one of twelve lemming tribes trying to escape The Great Darkness covering Lemming Island in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.


  1. Audex Powder
  2. Successive division
  3. Mortal men doomed to die
  4. A stompin' good time!
  5. This Is The Pits !
  6. Ain't No Time
  7. Deadly Exit
  8. Wilma!
  10. Ah'm No Done Yet

Handheld/SMS levels[]

  1. Audex Power
  2. Out of your Tree
  3. Islands of Stone
  4. Mortal men doomed to die
  5. A stompin' good time!
  6. Underground Paradise
  7. This Is The Pits !
  8. Ain't No Time
  9. Deadly Exit
  10. Ah'm No Done Yet

Access code[]

In the Game Boy/Game Gear port, the access code for the complete Cavelems tribe is SHFZMPCF.


This tribe was renamed as the Prehistoric Tribe in the Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure for mobile devices.