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Careless clicking costs lives is the fifth level of the Tricky difficulty in Lemmings.


Although the level title sounds threatening, it's a fairly easy one.

First thing's first: allow the first Lemming to march towards the hanging balls, while the second Lemming becomes a Blocker at the top of the arch (so you can save him later). Using your Trailblazer, you may either use Basher and Builder skills accordingly at the hanged crystal balls, or let him fall between the balls and rely solely on Basher skill. This is a tad trickier, as the holes in the chainlink structure will sometimes make you waste a Basher skill, but you have more than enough.

When you arrive at the edge of the chainlink structure, start building a ramp towards the exit until your Lemming reaches it. Then use a Basher somewhere below the Blocker to set him free, and just allow your Lemmings to head towards the Exit portal.

Version differences[]

Atari Lynx
  • Renamed "Careless Clicking..."
  • Only has 40 Lemmings and 8 must be saved.


  • This map is also used in level 8 of the Taxing difficulty, The Art Gallery.
  • The level name is a reference to the World War II propaganda campaign, Careless Talk Costs Lives.[1][1]

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