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Level # 2.9
No. of Lemmings 50
To be Saved 98% (49 Lemmings)
Release Rate 10
Time 6 Minutes
Level Chronology
Bounce around the world!
Lock In
Next The Legend of Smelly Belly
Where's Carol Vorderlem?

Can't Get There From Here is the 2nd level of the 9th column in Lemmings Revolution.


Turn the first lemming into a Miner so that when he breaches the thinner terrain, the lemmings will land on the steel plate sticking out below. The second and third lemmings will reach the end of his tunnel and turn left so make them both Climbers. When the other lemmings reach ground level, two lemmings walking closely to each other will start heading towards a water tank. Have them both mine into the steel wall to prevent casualties.

Meanwhile, use a combination of Basher, Miner and Digger skills to have the two Climbers safely drop on the opposite side of the water tank once the get over the first steel wall. Make the first Climber a Bomber once he's up between both thin walls to break through, allowing the second Climber to reach the Laser Gate, which will drain the water tank. Assign a Floater skill to the remaining Climber and after he hits his head and turns right, have it mine or dig down through the floor, then mine and bash through the thin wall, ensuring he gets close enough to ground level so that the other lemmings can follow.

Have a lemming held back build over the double Miner tunnel, then once more to get out of the water tank so that your remaining lemmings can reach the Balloon. Raise the release rate to 99.

100% strategy

Youtuber pirohiko has demonstrated that it is possible to save 100% on this level by exploiting the game's bugs.

When the first lemming is standing on the thicker area of the starting platform, make him mine down. When the second lemming reaches the bottom of his tunnel and turns left, make him dig, which will stop the Miner and make him turn around and head left. Raise the release rate to 99 so that all but your first lemming become trapped in the Digger's tunnel. When the tunnel is deep enough, make your Digger bash until he is aligned next to the steel block below then make him dig again.

Meanwhile, make your Trailblazer a Climber and when he reaches the steel wall with the overhang, make him bash three times so that he phases through the wall (you may need to use the pause button to pull this off). Once through, immediately make him build to reach the thin wall, and then bash through it. By this point, the Digger should be right next to the steel block so make him bash towards it to safely contain the other lemmings with them falling off the map or in the water.

After your Trailblazer has passed through the Laser Gate, make it a Floater and then dig down once he's passed the Balloon. Then have him mine to the right so that he both breaks through the thin wall but also continues mining until he is aligned with the left steel wall of the now empty water tank, which he must bash to. Release the other lemmings by having one mine to the left, then build out of the left side of the empty water tank. They should all fall into the Trailblazer's exposed Miner tunnel and be able to walk up to the Balloon.

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