Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Sports Tribe
Level # 05
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9:00
Skills Available 02 Throwers
02 Pole Vaulters
02 Runners
02 Laser Blasters
02 Sliders
02 Club Bashers
02 Shimmiers
02 Glue Pourers
Level Chronology
Next Double Trouble
Double Trouble (SNES)

Blow Back... is the fifth level of the Sports Tribe in the SNES and Sega Genesis ports of Lemmings 2: The Tribes. For the Amiga version, see Blow Back.....

Gold medal strategy[]

Make the first lemming a Thrower as soon as he drops out of the entrance and then make him a Runner to get far ahead of the other lemmings. After he drops to ground level and is almost at the top of the slope, make him a Club Basher so that there is only a pixel thick line of terrain between him and the steam below. Once he has broken through, make him pour glue twice which will create a bridge leading directly to the exit.

Alternate strategy[]

Make the first lemming a Thrower as soon as he drops out of the entrance. When your lemmings reach ground level, make one of them heading left a Pole Vaulter when he's standing halfway across the three tile wide ledge above. Make this Trailblazer a Slider so that he gradually descends to the area where the exit is located. Give him a Shimmier skill so that he leaps over the exit and then give him a Laser Blaster skill. Have one of the lemmings held back break through the right wall using a Club Basher. The other lemmings will now ride the steam across the chasm and drop through the Trailblazer's tunnel and safely to the exit.

Version differences[]

  • Level was renamed "Ceci n'est pas une pipe.", thus sharing the same name as the first level of the Sports Tribe.