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A Lemming jumping into a regular Balloon.

A Balloon allows a Lemming to escape from a level in Lemmings Revolution. They replace the traditional Exit Portal from previous installments. For the skill in Lemmings 2: The Tribes, see Ballooner.


There are four types of Balloons, a Regular one, a Water one, an Acid one, and a Neutral one. As long as a Lemming is at the same altitude as to where a Balloon is anchored, he will be able to leap into it and be saved. However, only a Lemming of the right type can use their balloon, like only Acid Lemmings can use an Acid balloon. The neutral balloon is one all Lemmings can use. Once there are no more Lemmings remaining in a level, the Balloon takes off and vanishes from the screen after a few seconds.


  • Sometimes in a level featuring only Acid Lemmings, a neutral balloon is used in place of an Acid one.
  • There is a rare glitch where if the Balloon has not vanished when the clock runs out, the level will not consider the Lemmings on board as saved.