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Tribe Cavelems Tribe
Level # 1
No. of Lemmings 08 (Game Boy/Game Gear)
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 6:00
Skills Available 02 Platformers
01 Builder
01 Attractor
01 Jumper
01 Flame Thrower
Level Chronology
Next Out of your Tree

Audex Power is the first level of the Cavelems Tribe in the Game Boy/Game Gear version of Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

When the first lemming walks off the starting platform, turn the second lemming into an Attractor to hold the others back. Have your Trailblazer platform over the water, then build over the gap. Use a Flame Thrower to clear the top of the platform located before the exit, then use the other Platformer to get over the second gap. Release the other lemmings by making the Attractor jump.


  • This level replaces Audex Powder, the first level of the Cavelems tribe in the original Amiga version.