Attractor is a skill that can be given to a lemming in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. An attractor stands still and plays a musical instrument, causing all nearby lemmings to stop walking and dance in place. The instrument used and the type of dance depend on the tribe. This skill is very commonly used in the game to hold back most of the lemmings while one goes ahead to clear a path to the exit. In that sense, it performs a similar role to the blocker in the Classic Tribe and other Lemmings games. The attractor can be stopped by giving it another skill, and doing so will release any attracted lemmings.

Trivia Edit

If an attractor is used in the Classic Tribe (achieved by hex-editing a level file, for example), it will continuously loop the "vaporizer" animation, as though caught in a trap. Nearby lemmings turn to stunners. These lemmings will get up and walk briefly before being stunned again, and so unlike attracted lemmings from other tribes, they will eventually leave the attractor's field of influence and continue walking.

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