Lemmings Wiki

Difficulty Fun
Level # 12
No. of Lemmings 80
To be Saved 81% (65 Lemmings)
Release Rate 50
Time 4 Minutes 30 Seconds
Level Chronology
Previous It's a Classic
Next Tower of Stone

Alpine Assault Course is the 12th level of the Fun difficulty in 3D Lemmings.



This level introduces icy terrain, which causes lemmings to slide around at greater speed.

Turn the first lemming into a Bomber the moment he lands on the ramp after the jump. This should clear away the terrain with the X mark, revealing a patch of grass. When the second lemming lands in that crater, make him a Turner to the right. The third lemming will continue sliding around so turn him into a Bomber when he's halfway up the next ramp he encounters. Turn the fourth lemming into a Bomber after he falls through that hole in the ground and bumps into the corner, which should clear another X mark. Turn the fifth lemming into a Bomber just before he goes up the next ramp so that he clears the second corner he meets. You may need to use a sixth Bomber to clear it completely.

The lemmings will now hit a solid wall and begin sliding back down passed the hole created by the third lemming. Turn one more lemming into a Bomber just before he hits the corner before the exit. This should clear the wall in front of the exit, allowing all remaining lemmings to enter the exit, so raise the release rate to 99.

Access codes[]

  • PC / Playstation: BUNODONT
  • Sega Saturn: TRAPDOOR


  • There are two exits in this level, but one of them is across a hidden patch of icy water, and is inaccessible.